Friday Five – AUGUST

Friday Five

The Friday Five is a roundup of articles that have excited and inspired me this week. Topics include staying in the Palace of Versailles, treating yourself to Christian Louboutin’s luxury lipstick, and following Queen Elizabeth’s journey to the crown. As well as a fabulous 2-day vegan meal plan to boost your health, and tons of fun fall […] Read more…

What I’m Burning – Summer Candles

Summer Candles

What I’m Burning – Summer Candles No matter what time of year it may be, candles are constantly burning in my home. I have rounded up a few of my favorite summer candles to share with you! Each of these beautiful candles have scents that exude summer deliciousness, but in their own unique way.   […] Read more…

Chanel Summer 2015: Mediterranee


Chanel Makeup: Mediterranee Summer 2015 The brains behind the Chanel makeup collections have outdone themselves with Summer 2015’s Mediterranee collection. Inspired by the magnificent natural beauty of the Mediterranean, this collection boasts a wide variety of brilliant colors for the season. From vivid purples, to coral reds, and golden bronze, beauty lovers have a stunning array […] Read more…

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